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Camp Program - Overview

Our Dungeons & Dragons Camp provides a wonderful immersive experience for kids that is both a personally enriching and an amazingly fun time.

Typical Day Agenda

Campers arrive between 8:45 and 9am. They get settled in with their assigned group and begin working on creating magical items, characters, monster or their lore.

At 10:00 we will break for a morning snack. Campers will work with their group until 11:30 and either head outside for an hour or start lunch.

Every day from 1-3 there will be a one-shot adventure. This is directed by the counsellor in the beginning and then the campers will eventually lead their own (camper run campaigns are limited to the two week program, see below).

Activities & Goals
  • Playing in a campaign and creating their unique character to develop team building and social skills in order to solve puzzles, avoid traps and enjoy a rich and unique story.

  • Outdoor time activities include the ever popular eco-friendly water balloons and soccer in the field

  • Indoor dance competitions, character roleplay 

  • Craft activities include making magic items for their characters

  • Kids will create their own Dungeons & Dragons book with their own unique illustrations for items, characters, monsters, castles, towns etc. That they will all present to the group at the end of the camp and take home with them.

  • With the guidance of the Dungeon Masters, your child will create a unique campaign that they will pilot themselves for the other camp members. This involves acting out different characters in their campaign, creating puzzles, setting up traps, encounters with baddies, creating a lush and colourful lore and atmosphere for their world and rewards for the players who succeed in their quests.

Program Differences Between 1 and 2 Weeks

One Week Camp

Due to popular demand, we are offering a 1 week camp option. This is a condensed version of the two weeks programming. The D&D sessions will be more counsellor lead, as there is less time to develop these skills for each child. There will also be less total craft and other assorted activities that are part of the two week camp program. 

Two Week Camp

The two week offering is the original format for the Dungeons & Dragons Camp. It allows for maximum skill development both personally and in the game. Any child who is interested in learning to be a Dungeon Master will acquire the requisite instruction in this program. 

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