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My son loved the camp! He enjoyed it so much he would come home each day looking forward to the next day. The camp gave the kids a great opportunity to learn the basics of D&D, craft and create their character and accessories and play campaigns together. Jess and Eddie are an amazing team, so kind and patient and they know how to encourage fun and fair game play. It was a great experience!


I had Megan provide the testimonial in her own words.  I hope it makes you as happy as it made me.  I think you knocked it out of the park and hosted a terrific camp. Well done! “I loved this camp so much. The food was great, the counselors were awesome and really knew a lot about DnD. I had the best time and I'd go again in a heartbeat. I liked all the counselors and I enjoyed when we would go to the park. They helped us make cardboard swords and shields, they showed us how to play DnD and helped us get better at the game. I really enjoyed it and I think other kids would also like it.”


Camper - Margaret, aged 13, says: "The camp was a great experience and it was an easy way to get into the game and find others who also like it.  The staff were super fun."

Steve & Carolyn

Parents - Steve and Carolyn say:"It was great to find a local 2-week summer camp that our kids could take public transit to and we loved that lunch was included in the price.  Our kids had a great time and were inspired to come home and host their own D&D campaigns with their friends.  We would highly recommend this camp and the great staff who ran it."


Camper - Patrick, aged 11, says: "I think it was really fun and people should go there and play D&D at the camp."


“Hi! I asked my son to write a testimonial, this is what he came up with:
"Dungeon's and dragons camp was very fun, it was very cool to make your own character and I made lots of new friends there."


“The Friday of the first week of camp my son said to me, I’m so mad it’s Friday because I have to wait all the way until Monday to go back again! Needless to say, he had a great 2 weeks - thanks to you and your staff!”


Jude, age 10: "Thanks for a great camp! We will definitely sign up next summer.”
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